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I'm a motion designer and 3D artist. I love to create high quality content that stands out and tell a story for brands, concerts, title sequences, and products 

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About Me

Starting off as a graphic designer and illustrator, I began envisioning my art taking

on a life of it's own. My stories, I knew, had to be told in 2D and 3D, through the energetic force of motion and animation.


As a multi-media designer now, I draw inspiration from a variety of methods and techniques. I don't settle for one signature, never-changing style because that isn't my identity as an artist, either. I am constantly adapting my skillset to suit my client's needs, focusing my deliverables to present timely, creative projects. I'm never afraid to learn and experiment on the job--that is, in fact, the way

I turn every project into a passion project.


When I'm not designing, I keep my well of inspiration full by travelling, watching movies, going to concerts, and reading books. I work globally to execute any project, from concept

to animation to everything in between.

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