Automotive Broadcasting Network

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software used | after effects |photoshop | illustrator | c4d | redshift

Set of different spots created for dealerships showcasing special promotions, services, and other goods. I was in charge of all areas of design from concept through completion.

- About ABN - 

ABN was founded by automotive industry veteran Jerry Daniels in 2007, but ABN’s story begins nearly 25 years prior when Daniels was the 23-year-old general manager of the largest Pontiac dealership in the western United States.

While attending the annual Pontiac New Car Show in Las Vegas, Daniels was enthralled with the energy and emotion in the room as the lights were dimmed and Pontiac’s brand new “We Build Excitement” campaign was unveiled on a giant video screen over the main stage. Every dealer in attendance fell even more in love with their brand and couldn’t wait to get back to their dealerships and share their revived passion with their customers.

Jerry had an epiphany. If he could inject the same passion he was feeling into dealerships and build the same emotional attachment with the tire kickers coming through the door, there was basically no way they would leave without a brand-new automobile.